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Mega Pack 2.0
Worth over $100!
420 JARS

420 Jars are the best at keeping your herb fresh!
We have the largest selection in the world.
420 jars
Our Most Popular Style
American Made Glass
420 jars
New Silicone Lid // Superior Seal
American Made Glass

420 jars, stash, herb
UV Glass Prevents Light Degradation
Heavy Pressed Glass
420 jars
Low profile jar perfect for concentrates
Works great for flowers too
Non-Stick Silicone
Fits Concentrate Jars

420 jars
Heavy, Thick Glass // Easy to Open Screw-Top

420 jars
Borosilicate Glass
Hermetic Seal
420 jars
Heavy, Thick Glass
American Made Glass
Ground Joint Lid
Holds around 2oz

Food Grade Materials
Airtight & Lockable Storage

Classic Retro Style
Simple & Discreet Storage
Silicone Clam Shell Design
Holds 1 Gram
Food Grade Silicone
Available in 2 Sizes
Food Grade Silicone
Available in 4 Colors
Discreet Aluminum Storage
Available in 5 Colors
Our All-Natural Organic Cleaner // Works Fast & Reusable
Stop resin before it starts!
Stop resin before it starts!

Because your friends are gross!

The Ultimate Cleaning Kit
The Ultimate Cleaning Kit
Check out the trichomes on your favorite plants
Best Microscopes for the price

GRAV Octobowls // Prevents Clogs

The Grav replacement parts you've been looking for.