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    Jett .
    My review of the HiSi 18in Beaker - Double Geyser Perc

    In this review, I will talk about some important problems of this apparatus and some of my opinions about it. Don’t get me wrong, this beautiful piece of glass hits amazing…one of the smoothest hits ever. However, after hitting it hundreds of times now, along with lots of friends, we’ve noticed some problems with it. The main problem we’ve encountered is that this bong can’t be all cleared in one hit. The bottom chamber traps some smoke when hitting due to the design. Thus, the only way to effectively clear it is to unscrew the drain cap, allowing for more airflow to clear it. This basically makes the drain cap a carb hole — a feature most smokers don’t like in a bong (Including myself). A second problem with this apparatus is that the bottom chamber can only hold about half way of water until the bong starts to “chug” or hit very non-smoothly. In addition, this bong is very difficult to fully clean due to its complexity, so using proper bong cleaner is always needed. Using Isopropyl alcohol alone won’t cut it. In all, these few problems are but minor inconveniences due to how well this bong hits and how much fun it is to use. The two geyser perks and the large size provide fantastic filtration and cooling of the smoke. When ice is added to the bong, it turns into mega-hitting beast without your lungs even noticing. All the tubing inside and the clear industrial look gives it a plain but beautiful look to the apparatus. It is certainly a very unique piece of glass that deserves a spot as one of the best bongs created. This is my third bong from HiSi and I have to say they make some of the best scientific bongs in the world. The performance and durability of the glass is top-notch for the money. Funny note, my friends and I have named it the toilet — I know not the prettiest name but the best one that fits. This is because when you unscrew the drain cap the bong makes a kind of flushing noise similar to a toilet when the water levels reset after hitting. A little inside joke my friends and I have is that when we see that someone forgets to unscrew the drain cap to clear it, we say “Hey dude you forgot to flush it.”