HiSi 14mm 45deg No-Drag Ash Catcher

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No Drag Ashcatcher

Hi-Si offers scientific approaches to your smoking and vaporizing experience. By maximizing cooling capabilities and minimizing drag each piece delivers an ideal hit every time. Eliminate hot, dry rips from your life with a perfectly percolating work of art.

The No Drag ash catcher is exactly what it sounds like. Because the waterline is so low on the ash-catcher, there is a low amount of water pressure in the chamber. Low water pressure makes your pipe hit faster and makes it easier to make all the percolators churn with little effort.


  • Height: 4 in
  • Base width: 1.5 in
  • 3 mm borosilicate glass
  • Fixed disc downstem
  • 45 degree joint
  • With use of 14mm male bowl

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