Everything you'll need to enjoy cannabis flowers. We quality control our selection of glass pipes and make sure they are ready to be used by you. Each of these pipes was lovingly selected by one of our knowledgeable staff. We have a process for choosing our pipes. It starts with people.


Our people talk to artists around the U.S. and sometimes the world and discuss what styles of glass they produce. We then procure only the pieces we think are interesting and use them ourselves to see if we really like them. We don't just water test. We smoke out of a style of pipe before we stock our shelves with multiples of it because we want to know how it hits, how easy it is to use, and clean and maintain.

We're not just pipe sellers, we're pipe users and we want to make sure every pipe we put on our shelves is worth owning for a good reason. We look for value, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and originality in everything we sell. Believe us when we say we're the most trusted online head-shop for a reason. We don't sell it unless we would use it ourselves. 

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