Sorcery Dab Rig w/ Dichro Marble

$ 43.99


$ 43.99 $ 43.99


Color Earth Glow

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The Sorcery Dab Rig- Approved by Wizards

Prepare to enter a world of mesmerizing colors and enchanting hits with the Sorcery Dab Rig. Standing at a compact 5.25 inches, this rig is a captivating blend of style and functionality. With its bell-shaped design and technicolor Earth-Glow glass, every session becomes a breathtaking experience. The fixed downstem ensures smooth hits, while the dichro marble accent adds a touch of magic. Complete with a 14mm male quartz banger, this rig is the epitome of sorcery in the palm of your hand. **Colors vary**


  • Height: 5.25 inches (13.3cm)
  • Material: Colored glass
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Bowl Type: 90-degree Quartz banger (included)
  • Percolation: Fixed downstem