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Weed Pipes: 10 Best Smoking Pipes for Weed in 2022

Like your favorite shirt or the piece of jewelry you flaunt, the pipe you smoke from epitomizes your personality. And, of course, a pipe is one of the easiest ways to consume THC. But if you don’t choose the best weed pipe, it also can ruin your smoke experience, and then you probably won’t care much about what it says about your artistic taste.

A lousy weed pipe is cheaply made, breaks easily, and won’t last long, no matter how pretty or how much you paid for it. We want to help you avoid making a mistake when you buy your pipe, so we created this list of the 10 best smoking pipes for weed.

The Joys of Pipe Collecting

Weed pipes are small, handheld, portable devices you use to smoke cannabis. They vary in size but typically are small. Often, a cool weed piece is the first thing a smoker buys because they’re easy to use, inexpensive, and readily available for purchase. You can store them discreetly or put them on display.

Collecting pipes is a fun hobby that allows you to express yourself during and between smoke sessions. Not only is every pipe visually unique, but each one performs differently. Owning a variety of pipes allows you to choose the best one in any given situation.

Weed Pipe Types

Before hopping into our roundup of the top pipes to check out this year, here's a quick refresher of the main types of weed pipes you'll find in any collection:

The Best Weed Pipes of 2022 for Every Smoker

The best weed pipes are durable, provide a good smoke, and reflect your style.

Which pipe best suits your needs is a personal choice. We hope we included something for everyone here. Gentle reminder that it doesn't hurt to consider having multiple weed pipes to support different moods and needs.

Spoon Pipes

A spoon pipe is a classic glass pipe. This style has been around since the ‘70s and is probably what you picture when someone says “weed pipe.”

Spoon pipes typically have four parts: a mouthpiece, a bowl, a neck, and a carb. The mouthpiece is where you inhale from. The bowl is where you pack the cannabis. The neck is a long tube that connects the two. The carb is a hole in the side of the bowl where you control the airflow, letting you decide how quickly you want to inhale smoke and how strong your hits are.

Spoon pipes typically are about 5.5 inches long, but they come in various sizes. Most smoke enthusiasts have at least one glass smoking pipe in their collection.

Most Bang for Your Buck - GRAV 4-Inch Spoon

GRAV Spoon Weed Pipe

Price: $17.99

Brand: GRAV


The GRAV four-inch Spoon is pretty much a perfect glass spoon. It’s curvy and compact to fit right into your hand, but it still has a good-sized bowl to hold plenty of flower. It’s also highly portable, but big enough not to let the flame get too close to your face. GRAV is one of the most reliable brands out there, and the four-inch spoon is their most high-selling pipe. The price tag is suitable for new and seasoned smokers alike. The GRAV is made using thick 32mm Borosilicate glass and comes in various colors. It features an inverted-cone ash catcher mouthpiece that keeps your mouth ash-free.


Best for Sharing - Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Weed Pipe

Price: $39.99

Brand: Marley


​​”You know I smoke'a de ganja all a de time.

Smoke'a de ganja when I'm with friends.

We gonna smoke'a de ganja until the very end.”

The late Bob Marley didn’t keep his love of cannabis secret, so it makes sense that his family kept the positive vibes going by making a dedicated line of smoking gear in his name. The Marley pipe looks simultaneously classy and excellent with its smoked glass and gold Marley decal. But the best thing about this pipe is that, like Marley, you can use it when you smoke with your friends. It has a large 1.5-inch wide and shallow bowl that makes it easy to light up just one section and keep the rest green for passing. All Marley smoking products have the same distinctive color and design, making them easy to spot.


Best Looking - Envy Glass Dichro Fumed Spoon

Envy Glass Dichro Fumed Weed Spoon Pipe

Price: $59.99

Brand: Envy Glass


If you want to make an impression with your weed pipe, the Dichro Fumed Spoon is sure to do it. Dichroic fuming gives the glass pipe this two-colored psychedelic pattern. It’s groovy looking, for sure. It represents the way a pipe is supposed to look — colorful and unique. The fuming process means that each pipe’s design is slightly different, and the pattern shifts in various lighting. Don’t you love having something unique like that? The gorgeous four-inch piece is a perfect collection addition, but it’s also excellent as a first pipe to make a big impression.




Most Artistic - Keith Haring Blue Spoon Pipe

Keith Haring Blue Spoon Weed Pipe

Price: $39.99

Brand: K. Haring Glass Collection


Is it art, or is it a glass weed pipe? The Keith Haring Blue Spoon Pipe is both. The hammer-style pipe is Borosilicate glass. The flat mouthpiece and broad base provide a comfortable grip and a remarkable flavor because of the physical design’s superior airflow. The neck and base of the 4.3-inch pipe display Haring’s iconic graffiti-style pop artwork. It simultaneously has a classic and rebellious look. You could smoke with this pipe, then display it. The packaging also has Haring’s artwork on it. And since the design is hand-applied and heat-resistant, you don’t have to worry about it coming off.




One Hitters and Steamrollers

Need a quick, small hit? A one-hitter is what you’re looking for. This small pipe for about a single hit is a great addition to your collection. One-hitters are glass or metal smoking pipes and are shaped like a straight tube. They have a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. They are simple, portable, and discrete, and they help you make your stash last. Buying a one-hitter means you're always prepared.

Want a simple concept pipe but the ability to share with friends and get a hard-hitting high? The steamroller is a non-conventional, often overlooked option. Instead of having the carb on the side, it’s on the end of the steamroller pipe. The bowl is further up the stem. This unconventional layout for increased airflow doesn’t just make the steamroller look awesome. It results in massive hits and an instant high.

Most Portable - GRAV 4-inch 12mm Taster with Silicone Skin

Silicone Weed Pipe

Price: $9.99

Brand: GRAV

It doesn’t matter where you’re going; the GRAV Taster can go along. The four-inch one-hitter easily fits in your pocket or handbag with whatever else you need to carry. It’s 12mm Borosilicate glass tubing, but the fabulous thing is the silicone skin. It protects the pipe from impact, covers the bowl, and forms an ash-catching vape pen-like mouthpiece for you to hit. You don’t have to worry about this silicone weed pipe easily shattering (although it’s undoubtedly not shatterproof). Also, the colorful skin options mean you can easily spot the Taster if you drop it or lose it in your bag.




Most Awe-Inspiring - GRAV Deco Steamroller

GRAV Deco Steamroller Weed Pipe

Price: $29.99

Brand: GRAV


Want to look like a true cannabis connoisseur? Pull out this bad boy at your next smoke sesh! The GRAV Deco glass steamroller is modern, gorgeous, and packs a big punch. The deco styling gives this pipe a ton of personality. It reminds us of a peace pipe. The five-inch glass pipe comes in various colors (even the white looks cool) and includes the etched GRAV decal. It has a pushed-in bowl and an inverted ash-catching mouthpiece. It hits hard, and it looks fantastic. Any pipe collector needs one of these unique pieces.




Sherlock and Gandalf Weed Pipes

If you want that distinguished academic look of a traditional pipe, a Sherlock or Gandalf is for you. How can you even collect pipes without one of each of these conventional beauties in your troupe? Gandalf, the Great from “Lord of the Rings” inspired the Gandalf pipe’s popularity, where the Sherlock came from the original British detective, Sherlock Holmes. The key difference between the two weed pipes is the stem. The Gandolf stem is longer, and it has an overall more modern look. The bowl size also may vary slightly, but the stem is the real difference. The Gandolf is more popular among today’s smokers, so go ahead and buy one.

Best Mix of Modern and Traditional - GRAV Gandalf Pipe

Yellow Gandalf Weed Pipe

Price: $29.99

Brand: GRAV


The GRAV Gandalf is a newer edition to the GRAV family, and it’s everything sleek and modern. The eight-inch glass pipe gets the bowl away from your face, so it’s in full view while you smoke. The Gandalf style, which originated basically forever ago in Asia, has a simple, one-piece design. It’s 25mm solid glass tubing. The entire pipe is one piece of glass instead of joining the stem and the bowl. The design means a better overall appearance. The narrow mouthpiece also provides instant access with you light up, making for quick hits. It comes in various colors.




Most Traditional Awesomeness - 1City Studios Stonetech Sherlock Pipe

Stonetech Sherlock Weed Pipe

Price: $59.99

Brand: 1City Studios


Whether to buy this gorgeous Stonetech Sherlock Pipe truly is elementary, my friend. You shouldn’t even have to think about it. Just buy it! The five-inch Borosilicate glass Sherlock-style pipe with stonetech finish makes a huge impression. The sandblasted matte finish is a collaboration between AkillArt Glass and Eightandahalfglass. It brings out the subtle color differentiations on these spoon pipes. It fits great in your hand and looks like someone carved it from stone. As with most pipes, you’ll need to buy a grinder to use your weed in the Sherlock. But the smells and flavors really come through with this pipe. It comes in amber, green, and pink, and every color is equally beautiful. You’ll want one in every color for your collection.





A bubbler is a handheld water pipe — essentially a small, compact bong. It has a bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece. The difference — other than size and, therefore, portability — is that the bowl on a bubbler isn’t removable. The carb is built into the side of the bubbler bowl, allowing you to clear the chamber of smoke. They provide a smooth hit and cool down the smoke so it doesn’t burn your throat.

Most Sought After - Zob 7-inch Bubbler with Fixed Showerhead Downstem

Zob 7-inch Bubbler with Fixed Showerhead Downstem Weed Pipe

Price: $159.99

Brand: Zob


The Zob bubbler is ideal for daily use, making it a sought-after, popular choice. It’s about seven inches tall and is made of 5mm glass. It feels solid in your hand. The bubbler’s chamber is about 75mm in diameter — a big chamber for big rips! The bent mouthpiece neck design ensures a comfortable, splash-free session. It has a fixed showerhead-style downstem for filtered, clean rips. It comes with a 14mm bubble bowl. Since all Zobs are unique, they each have different graphics on them.




Best Low-Price Bubbler - GRAV 7-inch Upright Bubbler

GRAV 7-inch Upright Bubbler Weed Pipe

Price: $79.99

Brand: GRAV


The GRAV Upright Bubbler’s appearance reminds us of a classic, clean-line, glass water bottle. But this bubbler is the economy class go-to. The seven-inch pipe is 44mm glass tubing. Its fixed downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage. The angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard, and its 45-degree angle means it rests well against your lips. It has a 14mm cup bowl. And you can use different bowl styles, adapters, and accessories with this pipe if you choose. It has a classic, solid look and the ability to accessories. What more do you need?


Find Your Next Weed Pipe from the Curated 420 Science Collection

Whether you’re looking to make an artistic statement, add to your collection, or leave an impression while enjoying a great smoke, there’s a weed pipe for you. We think we included something for everyone in this roundup of the best smoking pipes for smoking herb. But we have even more options of glass, silicone, and metal weed pipes in our store.

Check out 420 Science’s complete collection of weed pipes to find the one that’s right for you. If you have questions about pipes or just want more recommendations, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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