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Is a Puffco Peak Worth It?

Looking for the best dab rigs of 2020, the Peak is a contender. The Puffco Peak is a smart dab rig made by Puffco and has revolutionized the way people like to dab. The Peak is an electronic dab rig that is approachable and intuitive to use. We've tested it out a few times and have met with the developers, and it's time to let you know how we feel. We love it. Here are some reasons why.


While the Peak is more expensive than many small dab rigs its size, the Peak is entirely torch free, electronic, and has smart settings. The cost may seem intimidating, but that is the only thing about this rig that is hard to get past. The operation is simple with only one button to press on the Peak it's a breeze to cycle through the heat settings, and the wrap-around LED display is easy to see and also clearly conveys what heat setting you’re at.

Puffco Peak Temp Settings

The Peak has three pre-calibrated heat settings that are ideal for vaporizing your dabs. You can also adjust these specific settings to you liking with the app. The boost mode also ups the temp for passing the piece around or getting that last hit.

Battery Life

Unless you dab every hour, the Peak should be able to provide you several daily sessions without having to recharge in between. Depending on your usage you will probably have to recharge it every other day and it takes about two hours to charge.

Puffco Peak Price Tag

The original peak cost about as much as you would pay for another premium glass rig, a few hundred dollars. The price is going down all the time though with the release of the Peak Pro and sales becoming more common.


Loading up the Peak can be done one of two ways. You can treat it as a traditional dab rig and wait until the atomizer is heated up and drop a dab from your dab tool into the chamber, or you can preload it and hit it once it has reached the right temperature. Either way works fine, but we tended to enjoy the classic method.

Once the temperature setting you have chosen is reached, the LED indicator will light up, and it will vibrate to let you know its ready. After that, all you have to do is inhale slowly and gently for a perfect hit.

Hitting the Peak feels natural. The cone percolation is excellent, and the drag is minimal. This perc does not need much water, and admittedly i is kind of a pain to empty out extra if you get it in the lower chamber, so we recommend filling carefully and just with a little water until you get some filtration.

Puffco Peak Dab Rig Electric Portable Dabs


The Peaks shareability sets this experience apart from using a typical dab setup. No one wants to pass around a whole dab setup with a torch, dabber, carb cap and rig, that's why most people sit around a table with their piece. Also, if you are new to dabbing, the need to use a blowtorch can be a little intimidating.

Because there is no torch or extra tools, the peak is pretty much silent aside from the classic percolation noise of hitting a bubbler and the slight rumble from whenever it pulses for a second to let you know that it has reached the right temp.

The Peak is approachable and intuitive. Easily passing the peak from person to person and merely double tapping it to reheat is casual and a lot more like a smoke session with a bong, pipe or joint. It's much less intimidating for a person new to dabbing to use the peak than a torch setup or even an e-nail.

Since it was designed with portability and sharing in mind the Puffco Peak comes with a fantastic carrying case made of high-quality fitted foam. There is room for the Peak and all its components. You can take this thing pretty much anywhere.


The central area where the Puffco Peak is lacking is that it currently offers no customization. For now, it is only available in one base color, with clear glass and a clear carb cap. We would have liked to have gotten additional ovens besides the ceramic heating element. A quartz tub would have been dope.

It would also be fun if there were an app to fine-tune temperature settings or other glass mouthpieces to choose from with a broader range of percolation options. Hopefully, those are all things to look forward to.


Honestly, the Puffco Peak is a breakthrough in electronic dabbing. Up until now traditional dab rigs still had water filtration over pen users, but the Peak allows for the same massive, filtered hits that you can get with a rig and the convenience of a smart device.

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