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The Genius Pipe Review

What is the Genius Pipe?

We've smoked several bowls with this pipe and are ready to give you our official Genius Pipe review. If you insist on combustion, but want an easy to clean and nearly indestructible pipe, the Genius is a clear choice. What's the story with the Genius pipe? To be honest, the creators of this all metal hand pipe are geniuses in their own right. Engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky thought of employing the same air circulation technology that is used in cooling gaming computers and nuclear reactors.

Vortex Technology Moves Air Better

Vortex technology is straightforward: Air travels through the path of least resistance, if you equalize that path, then you even out airflow. The interior of the pipe is made of a ton of tiny spheres.

When smoke flows through these spheres, it curves through them and moves around as much as it can before it gets to your mouth. The more it moves, the colder it gets. We're not talking freezing or anything like that. The interior makes the hit less hot than a straight tubed metal pipe or even a glass pipe of the same size.

Three-piece Metal Pipe

The Genius Pipe consists of three flat layers of magnetic anodized aluminum. There is the cover, the top, and the bottom. When the pipe has closed the top and the bottom form a cavity for the smoke to travel through that is covered in half spheres. These dimples create a large surface area inside the pipe and give the smoke more surface to deposit hard materials on.

In other words, the inside of the pipe catches more tar and ash, so you don't inhale that. Along with the screen under the bowl, this is as smooth and as clean of a draw as you are ever going to get from a metal pipe. You'll need to grind your bud extra fine since the bowl is wide but not deep.

We recommend taking slow draws from this pipe. It is surprisingly easy to pull from and you can over-hit it quickly leading to a harsh draw. Toke easy and you will have a great sesh.

The design is intuitive, and operation is just like a regular pipe. However, this pipe has a cover. The cover not only seals in the smell of a fresh bowl pretty well, but it also gives you the option of exposing all or part of the bowl letting you take small or large hits to conserve your herb.

Cleaning Your Genius Pipe

Cleaning this pipe is a breeze. Take it apart and wipe the insides down with warm Smoke Soap or soak it for a few hours and wash it off with hot water. You can also just use weak Iso like you can on everything else, but if you want to stay solvent free, then patience and organic cleaners are the way to go.

Final Thoughts

The Genius pipe is pretty dope. If you are on the hunt for a slim pipe that you can easily put in your pocket, clean, and is exceptionally durable this pipe is an excellent choice. Glass purist may notice a flavor difference in the hit, but using a hemp wick reduces that metal pipe flavor. The genius isn't like other metal pipes though, and it's a class above the rest.
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