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Get a Pipe That Does Both: Hybrid Bongs and Rigs

Pipes Good for Dabs and Weed

If you're a smoker, you know that owning a good pipe is a must. But why settle for just one type of pipe when you can find a versatile piece that can handle both bong hits and dabs? That's where hybrid pipes come in! These handy tools allow you to enjoy both types of smoking, whether you have cannabis flower or concentrates on hand. 

Plus, having a hybrid pipe is an affordable solution - no need to buy two separate pipes. So why not have a piece that can handle whatever comes your way? In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using a hybrid pipe and share some of our top picks for the best ones on the market.

What are Hybrid Pipes?

Hybrid pipes are smoking tools that can be used as both a bong and a dab rig. These versatile pipes are designed to easily switch between the two smoking methods, providing the user convenience and flexibility.

There are two main types of hybrid pipes: small bubblers and mini rigs. Small bubblers, also known as bubbler bongs, are smaller versions of traditional bongs that typically feature a single percolator and a bowl. These types of pipes can have their bowl swapped out for a quartz banger, turning them into a dab rig. 

On the other hand, mini rigs are similar in design to small bubblers but have a banger attached to the stem and can have their banger swapped out for a bong bowl, turning them into a bong.

Standard design features among hybrid pipes include their smaller size than traditional bongs. As a result, these pipes are shorter and are comfortable to hit while holding or on a desktop, making them easy to handle and use.

Features of Dual-Use Pipes 

They also have lower water lines and complex percolation systems, which help filter the smoke or vapor and cool it down before inhalation. Additionally, many hybrid pipes are made of sturdy materials such as borosilicate glass, providing a durable option for regular use.

Hybrid pipes are flexible, allowing you to switch between smoking methods without owning multiple pieces. This saves space and money in the long run. In addition, their compact and ergonomic design makes them easy to handle and use. Finally, their complex percolation system enhances the smoking experience by providing cool and filtered smoke or vapor.

Another essential aspect to consider when using a hybrid pipe is maintenance. It's crucial to keep the pipe cleaners to ensure that the flavor of your concentrates isn't affected when switching between smoking methods. Cleaning is easy, and it is an extra step that will help keep the pipe in optimal condition.

Pipes that are Rigs and Bongs

Here are some of the best pipes we carry that function well as a rig or a bong, depending on what bowl you use. We recommend a higher water line when dabbing if you use the pipe as a bong.

  1. RooR hybrid PipeROOR Tech Barrel Perc Bubbler: thoughtfully crafted for lifetime use, each pipe is made from start to finish with careful attention to detail. The standout feature of ROOR pipes is their thick, high-quality glass for a robust and durable smoking experience. The ROOR bubbler is an excellent example, featuring a bent neck for easy use, a large barrel perc for smooth hits, and a smaller diameter body for constant percolation.
  2. upright bubblerGRAV Upright Bubbler: This table-top piece is built for everyday use. With a fixed downstem and showerhead perc, this pipe offers smooth hits. Its 45-degree angled mouthpiece rests comfortably against the lips, and its extra-thick base ensures durability. The 14mm female receiver is the standout feature that allows easy customization with different bowl styles, adapters, and accessories. Clear glass with an etched GRAV decal, this pipe is both functional and stylish.
  3. Horn Beaker Bong Dab RigWaxmaid Silicone Bong: This horn shaped bong is small enough to work well as a dab rig or as a low water level bong. The silicone wrap protects it from dings and scratches and adds color to the piece.
  4. purr 2 go bubbler or dab rigPurr 2 Go Travel Hammer: The Purr2Go bubbler is easy to use, clean, and transport. The pipe features a heavy-duty polycarbonate body, easy-to-remove and clean parts, and a storage case.
  5. recycler good for dabs or bongThe Aorta Recycler: Features a constant recycling action and percolation from the inline matrix puck in the base. The tubing is placed at all angles for optimal spinning and filtering of the hit. The rig's design is elevated by Red Eye Tek's Terminator Finish, making it stand out. Aesthetically stunning, the color of this piece is truly mesmerizing.
  6. dab rig good for dabs or bongStriped Bell Rig: This small rig is perfect for big dabs or bong rips in a compact size. It features a 45-degree angled banger for easy use, a candy stripe or wigwag pattern on the neck, and a fixed downstem. The downstem sits in the corner of the base allowing for easy operation at any angle or with a minimal water line.
  7. dab rig thats also good for bongPurr Bud Vase: This minimalist rig will blend seamlessly with home decor while providing effortless hits. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand or on a table, and the Matrix perc offers peak performance. It works well, whether used as a rig or with bowls. Sleek minimalist design that elevates your home decor & lifestyle, and with attention to detail, it offers a lifetime of outstanding performance with proper care.dab rig bong combo
  8. The ROOR Tech Beaker and Dab Rig Combo: This is the dream. This pipe has a hybrid design that delivers a fully functional bong and dab rig in one. It hits like a traditional chugger with a sizeable open downstem and a dab rig body that acts as a splash guard. The suspended, curved mouthpiece is reinforced for stability and durability, and the direct-inject downstem has a showerhead filter for optimal filtering.

Get a Pipe that Does Both

Hybrid pipes are an excellent option for smokers who want the flexibility of using a single piece for cannabis flowers and concentrates. They offer a variety of benefits, such as being compact and easy to handle, having complex percolation systems for a smoother experience, and being versatile as both bongs and dab rigs.

We've reviewed some examples of popular hybrid pipes on the market, but many other options are available. The most important thing to remember when using a hybrid pipe is to keep it clean if you switch between weed and dabs to maintain optimal flavor.

So, a hybrid pipe is worth considering whether you're new to smoking or an experienced smoker looking to add to your collection. They are versatile, convenient, and a great addition to any smoker's arsenal.

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