PÜRR Bud Vase Dab Rig

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$ 324.00 $ 324.00


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High Style American Made Rig

The minimalist style of this rig blends in perfectly with your home, making it a great smoke station fixture. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hit when on a table, in your hand, or however you like. Achieve peak performance with the Matrix perc that creates truly effortless hits. Pulls feel unrestricted and heavily diffuse your smoke, heavily reducing coughing. This piece is ready for action, whether being used as a rig or with bowls, it’ll give you the same great performance. This Bud Vase Rig features a sleek, modern, minimalist design that'll elevate your home decor & lifestyle. The intense attention to detail means effortless function & a lifetime of happy seshes with proper care. Whether you're using it with a bowl, banger, or e-nail, the Bud Vase rises to meet & exceed your expectations for flavor, smoke volume, & killer looks.



  • Height: 8in
  • Width: 3in
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Perc: matrix downstem, double-layered & multi-cut for tiny stacking bubbles
  • Made with thick heavy wall Schott glass
  • 22mm Thick Quartz Banger included
  • Handmade in California