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Secondary Market Weed Cartridges are a Big Problem

Vaporizing cannabis in a liquid form has become incredibly popular, especially among those newly introduced to weed. Along with this increase in use in the legal cannabis market, there has been an increase in demand for cannabis vape cartridges.

Cannabis has been no stranger to the perils that come along with a burgeoning black market. For decades those that were forced or even prefer the black market have had to deal with purchasing cannabis flower that may have been grown unethically or using inappropriate materials.

There has always been a risk involved with not knowing where your weed comes from. The same is true with your pre-filled vape pen cartridges. There are a few guidelines you can follow to identify the quality of your vape cartridge whether you got it on the black market or in a full-blown cannabis shop.

Where did you get it?

If you purchased your cannabis concentrate cart in a reputable cannabis dispensary, then it's very likely that it is of premium quality. It's easy to ask about the origin of an oil cartridge there since you'll likely have someone helping you choose a good product. Ask about the manufacturer and what their process is. If you're not lucky enough to pick up your vape cart in a store, then it's already more likely that it may be a low-quality product. Given the popularity of dab cartridges, tons of reputable and unsavory producers have hopped onto the production of this lucrative product.

Color is a sign if the quality

There are a few signs of a cheaply produced cannabis oil cart that deal with its appearance. First is a check at the actual concentrate inside. How dark and vicious is the liquid? If its darker than a light amber color, it may not be the best because it may not be high quality. If it seems runny or the air bubble shoots from one side to the other when you turn the cart over, it could be cut with too much base liquid which reduces potency.

A light golden-yellow to a nearly clear gold in color is a sign of the highest quality vape liquid. The concentrate should also be thick like olive oil or perhaps slightly more.

Cannabis vape cartridge

The Cartridge Build

There are some telltale signs that a cartridge is not made well. Does it have a logo or a brand name on it? Can you look it up? If you can find a website that has information about the brand and the production process, then that is a good sign.

Another aspect to look at is the venting on the cartridge. Some cartridges have holes that provide an air path, and some have adjustable nozzles. Also, look at how many holes are inside the cartridge to allow vape liquid into the atomizer. More vent holes and intake holes usually mean that the cartridge is well built. Poorly made cartridges are probably the most dangerous aspect of buying black market vape carts. They can be made with materials that off-gas harmful toxins.

Do Research. Ask Questions

Overall it's important to remember that researching the cannabis products you plan on putting in your body no matter what they are is essential. And if the people who sell those products care about you, they'll answer your questions the best they can. You'll feel even better about your vape if you've adequately informed yourself about where it came from.

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