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8 Best Quartz Bangers for Dabbing

The Best Bangers for Dab Rigs

The banger part of the dab rig is a bucket-shaped dish that you insert into your rig and heat to vaporize the dabs. While you can get your quartz banger in different shapes, sizes, a flat top quartz banger is often the best choice. Quartz is a superior material to dab with because of its high heat tolerance and retention. You don't have to worry about the banger breaking when you heat it in a single spot, as is the case with ceramic bangers.

Additionally, a quartz banger ensures you get a superior flavor because it is nonporous and won’t hold any resins from the last dabs. Unlike a titanium banger, which used to be popular, there's no risk of adding a metallic taste to your concentrates and ruining the entire experience.

Quartz bangers are also extremely easy to clean, especially if you are heating them at low temperatures. All you need is a cotton swab, and you can keep it good as new for each dab. A quartz banger stays warm for longer, which helps you take long and flavorful dab rig hits. A good banger can make a massive difference in the quality of your dab session. It’s a good idea to have a backup banger ready if yours breaks or clogs.

XL quartz banger

XL Flat Top

These quartz flat-top bangers are pretty impressive. With a 25mm diameter bucket and 30mm height, you’ll be loading up a fat dab in this banger. The XL flat top banger stands out due to its compatibility with almost every rig and most carbs cap. You don't have to struggle to find the perfect banger hanger for it. The flat design makes it easy to cap from whatever angle you are dabbing. This heavy banger is 4mm thick with a dense bottom that ensures an even distribution of heat. It also retains heat for lengthier periods to ensure that every hit is as magical as the last.

angled banger

Angled Banger

This flame-polished 14mm male 90-degrees joint banger is a cheap quartz banger at less than 20 dollars. The quality is excellent and offers adequate performance for your typical dab sessions. It's 2mm thick but does a great job retaining the heat and ensuring that it heats evenly.

This banger fits well with almost every dab rig and is easy to clean and maintain. Like all the other quartz bangers, it's long-lasting and durable, allowing you to use it without fear for countless dab sessions.

core reactor banger

Core Reactor Banger

Unlike most bangers, this quartz core reactor banger features an impressive 8mm quartz heat sink. The heat sink ensures that there's steady heat retention at the bottom of the banger. It stays hot for longer and creates a heat canal between the walls and the bottom of the banger.

A 4mm thick bottom ensures a longer-lasting banger that can withstand tons of heating and re-heating. You can be sure to get an intense flavor and big hits from this banger. Whether you are using it at low or high temperatures, you can be sure of getting more than one generous dab.

thermal banger

Thermal Banger

Like bubble bowls, these quartz thermal bangers are great because they protect the user from the heat they retain. It features a double wall to ensure that it keeps the most heat possible. This type of banger is best heated from the bottom only. The 3-inches long tube positions it away from the dab rig.

It allows you to load up a large dab with its deeper than usual bucket. Like with most quartz bangers, it can withstand high temperatures. This banger is great for low-temperature hits with great aroma and taste.

beveled banger

Beveled Banger

Green Bear quartz bangers are great for people looking for high-quality construction for not a lot of money. This 14mm male-jointed banger is dense throughout and made to last. The Beveled Banger is designed for daily and constant use regardless of heat levels. Additionally, the design is excellent with an angled neck, a flat top, and a round bottom.

The beveled top makes it easy to fit any carb cap and keep it there since the surface is balanced and grippy. The round bottom ensures your hits are completely vaporized by collecting them in on place and centering the heat on the dab. You can be sure this banger is for big dabs.

Seamless Banger

This is also a Green Bear quartz banger featuring most of the aspects of the Beveled banger. As the name suggests, the Seamless banger is made from one solid piece of quartz. It has a flat top surface to make it easier to fit a carb cap firmly. It’s large enough for a big glob but still works well for smaller dab seshes. The angled neck has a smooth finish to afford you an easy grip. Overall, this is a durable all-quartz glass banger that ensures a great dabbing experience for its users.

cyclone banger

Cyclone Banger Set

The Yo Dabba Dabba cyclone banger set is everything you may want in a classic banger. It's equipped with a random color vortex spinner carb cap and 2x quartz terp pearls. It's a cyclone banger because it ensures your dabs are always on the move while vaporizing by creating a vortex force to keep the pearls spinning.

This 14mm male banger has a thick bottom to ensure maximum heat retention while dabbing. The result is a superior dab session filled with flavor and potency. With proper use, it's more durable than most other bangers.

thermochromic banger

Thermochromic Banger

This 14mm female all quartz banger is one of the unique options on this list. It utilizes thermochromic technology for recognizing the ideal temperature for each dab. This thermochromic banger makes it easier to detect a change in temperature on your banger. Initially, the banger is light-colored and shifts to dark as the temperatures rise, thanks to the color-shifting quartz glass particles. At its hottest (300 to 350 degrees hot), the banger turns a deep reddish-orange from the bright yellow color. That way, you can time when the temp is just right for you to take a hit or know that it is cool enough to touch.

Why Quartz Bangers Are the Best For Dabbing

The proper quartz banger on your dab rig ensures an effective and enjoyable dabbing experience. Quartz bangers top the list of quality and durable bangers. Feel free to take a look at the quartz bangers collection to pick a banger that suits you. Moreover, our other articles can provide more information on quartz bangers and dab rigs.
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