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How to Make Your Weed Last Longer

Mindful consumption of your cannabis is essential if a person means to enjoy weed on a budget or control their tolerance. Managing the careful balance of the time spent toking, and the amount of pot smoked can be difficult at times. Having different ways to conserve weed is helpful for many reasons like saving you money and keeping your tolerance in check. Here are some ways to be proactive about your consumption that will help you get the most out of your weed.


Combustion does provide an immediate high due to delivering the full effect of cannabis immediately as you inhale the smoke. That effect can be severe at first but the evens out reasonably quickly, and the high can wear off shortly after.

Switching to a vaporizer when you are used to combustion will change the way your sessions work. You'll have a more balanced experience that will last longer, and you'll have the bonus of having no carcinogens from combusting. Once you’re done vaporizing you can save the spent weed and make edibles from it. Saving and reusing your vaped weed is a great two for one combo.

Use a Dugout

I cannot stress how much this will change the game. Soldiers popularized this ancient piece of smoking tech in war, so you know that it does an excellent job of even helping people in survival scenarios get high and stay high.

The Dugout is measured in both storage and hit size. You know exactly how much is in a bowl, and how much you have overall in storage. This apparent ability to regulate and moderate your intake in one tool makes a huge difference in how you smoke.

Separate Your Stash

It's better to store your cannabis in multiple jars instead of one big jar. The reason for using multiple storage is that as you use your weed you create more airspace in the jar which can oxidize your stash. Stepping down to smaller jars with less airspace will help keep your nugs fresh. When you take a look at your 420 Jar, and it looks mostly full, it could be primarily empty after loading that next bowl.

Use several different storage options so that you can see how much weed you have left. Several small jars are better than one large one. Jars can be kept in different locations and stored for longer.

store cannabis in jars

Have Fewer Sessions

Unless you need it for a medical reason, waking up and getting baked for the fun of it can start to put a massive dent in your reserves. If you tend to be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner smoker, try and cut one of those periods out and you'll quickly see your stash extended.

Downgrade to Mids

Always springing for the fanciest strain possible can lead to a small supply of amazing nugs. Chances are those few grams of Ultra-Grandaddy Purple Dragon Kush are going to get smoked up just as fast as any other buds would be.

If you're blazing through your ganja, stepping down to a more affordable but less potent variety can give you more sessions that are just as enjoyable. You might not find yourself floating quite as high, but you'll be toking longer.

other herbs to smoke

Add Other Herbs

If you like smoking or vaping weed for its flavor especially, then you may appreciate adding some additional types of herbs to your mix. Not only are there tons of other plants you can smoke on that are safe and full of flavor, but some of them also have interesting effects. Two of the most popular are mullein and damiana.

Diversify Your Intake

If you are primarily a flower smoker or a dabber, then pick up some of the other to alternate to at times. Get some edibles and keep them around with your stash. If you plan ahead and eat a cannabis treat instead puffing a cloud of smoke, you'll have saved that session for the future. It will be easy to conserve and skip the smoke if you’re already blazed by 4:20 because that brownie just kicked in.

Go Cold Turkey

Take a tolerance break (aka T-Break). This is easier to do when you are out, but if you have the discipline of a monk then taking a break while being stocked up can be an exciting proposition. Delaying happiness can be an effective strategy in creating a good outcome in your future.

You can take pleasure in knowing that once your break is over you have everything ready to go and in the meantime, you can save up for your next stash. If you can manage this feat of ultimate weed-fu, then you'll be rolling your stash into the future and never worry about running low again.

Have Better Smoke Sessions

Each of these techniques is a way to reduce the amount of cannabis you intake so that your stash lasts longer. No one likes to burn through their weed too quickly, but with a little extra effort, you don't have to.

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