Zombie Hand Studios 20in Double Bubble Bong

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$ 290.00 $ 290.00


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Scientific Beaker Bong with and Artistic Shape

Zombie Hand Studios makes elegant and supremely functioning bongs and dab rigs right here in the United States. Josh and his studio partner Brett have been making glass pipes since 2005. Both halves of Zombie Hand Studios are from Tuscon, Arizona. Zombie Hand’s typically compact rigs and curvacious bongs will show the time and work that goes into each pipe.

This rounded beaker bong is tall and makes for a big hitter when smoking. The reduction in the beaker base discourages splashing and the rounded indention in the neck serves as an ice-catch. The addition of color to the neck and bowl as well as the signature double lines make these glass pipes stand out.


  • Height: 20in
  • Base width: 3.5in
  • 14mm female ground joint
  • 14mm male funnel bowl with diamond handle
  • Rounded ice-catch
  • Thick 5mm boro Schott glass
  • Made in Tuscon, Arizona
  • Clear with Heavy Blue Stardust glass