Red Eye Tek 18in Canteen Base Hex Tube Bong

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Hit Stacking Bong

The Terminator was Skynet's most exquisite creation. The Red Eye Tek line of pipes is known for the same durability, cutting edge construction, and kickass retro aesthetics.

The Hex Top Bong from Red Eye Tek has a chromatic metallic finish that can’t be found anywhere else. Meaning that they keep it a closely guarded secret and if anyone tries to duplicate it they have permission to send a robotic assassin after them. Their Terminator finish is a shifting and reflective pleasure to behold.

The Canteen bottom beaker is a curious design that is made for milking big hits and stacking ice up the tube. The ice catch is at the bottom of the neck so you can fit a bunch of cubes. The canteen base can hold more water than a beaker which will cool your hit better and store more smoke in the neck area.


  • Height: 18in
  • Base width: 5in
  • Canteen beaker base
  • 6mm borosilicate
  • 14mm clear polished joint
  • 14mm male funnel bowl with diamond handle
  • Ice catch
  • Multiple colors
  • Flat heavy mouthpiece
  • Irridescent metallic finish
  • 115mm side slotted downstem