GRAV® LRG® Hustle Trees Wobble Bubbler

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GRAV x LRG Limited Edition Hustle Trees Wobble Bubbler


LRG’s iconic “Hustle Trees” slogan has long been a call to ambitious stoners, big dreamers, and very large Ents. Embrace the spirit of the hustle and enhance your sessions with this one-of-a-kind bubbler.

The GRAV® x LRG Limited Edition Hustle Trees Wobble Bubbler is handblown in smoke gray glass and wrapped with a nature scene in minimalist single-line style. Featuring the Hustle Trees mark, plus LRG and GRAV® logos, this piece meets in the middle of cannabis and streetwear culture. 

Inside, a hooked downstem ends in four holes to gently draw smoke through water. The glass mushroom dome at the top of the piece swirls smoke as you draw for a combo of air and water cooling. A quick inhale on the angled straw will have you halfway to the clouds before you know what’s happening. 

The Wobble Bubbler is named for its signature base. Tilt it on its edge and give it a spin for a full 360° rotation without tipping over. 

Limited release by GRAV® X LRG.  


  • Limited edition collaboration
  • Custom artwork and Hustle Trees mark by streetwear icon LRG
  • Four diffusion holes for smooth draws
  • Mushroom dome rolls and cools smoke
  • Angled straw mouthpiece for quick inhales without splash
  • Signature base designed to rotate a full 360° (just for fun)
  • Includes a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl for dry herb
  • Can be used as a mini dab rig with a 45° Quartz Banger (not included)
  • Color: Smoke gray glass with white decals
  • Height: 5.25 in
  • Base width: 3 in