My Bud Vase Rose Bong

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Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Summer is in full bloom with our signature collection piece, Rose. A modern take on vintage Victorian flowers, the elegant Rose blends femininity and functionality for a high-class consumption experience. This timeless porcelain vase is embellished with a gorgeous two-inch relief flower. A rose symbolizes promise, hope, and new beginnings. The Rose vase makes a perfect gift for loved ones and friends. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, congratulate a bride-to-be, encourage a new journey, or just say "Thanks", you will be gifting a Rose that lasts Forever.


  • Height: 10.25in
  • Width: 5.25in
  • Custom 9mm 3.5in Cone Slide Bowl
  • Rose Flower Poker
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Purchase an additional Cone Bowl Here