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Dry Herb Vaporizer Quick Tips

Many vaporizer features are self-explanatory, but here are a few tips they don’t mention in the manual that will help you get the most out of your new device.

The Problem With the PACT Act

Currently we are not selling vape products because of the PACT Act that prevents us from selling any product that could be used to vaporize tobacco or tobacco related substances. It goes without saying that this is super lame and we're fighting hard to be able to carry vaporizers and vape pens again so you can have the best selection and quality.

Stir During the Sesh

We used to think that herb bowls were a "set it and forget it" type sesh. But the way ovens/chambers work in conduction vaporizers, radiating heat comes from all sides steadily in the same direction the whole time; unlike the heating from a lighter that's moved around. The outer edges of the bowl will heat much quicker, so giving it a stir using a (sometimes provided) stirrer stick or Pokerpelli Poker will shift the less-vaporized herb and offers all of it a chance to vaporize a little more equally.

Pro Tip: Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) boils around 315° F (157° C), but more elements like CBD (365°F/185°C) and terpenes (linalool, limonene) boil at higher temperatures, so be sure to experiment with different temp settings to get the most from your bud!

Get A Good Grinder

As we touched on previously, vape heating chambers work to introduce heat from the outside in, so having the most amount of surface area available for warm air to pass over provides a more effective sesh. Grinders are a great way to enjoy consistent, evenly-ground bowls every time. Many great internet tutorials teach how to grind bud and what happens between all the layers of a multi-piece grinder. When purchasing an herb vape like the Firefly 2 from 420 Science, a FREE 4 Piece Grinder comes with purchase. Our little gift to help elevate the sesh!

Pro Tip: The Kannastor GR8TR System comes with interchangeable grinder plates, providing both a medium-grind plate for combustion bowls (it works great for vapes too) and a fine-grind to allow for the most available surface area of bud exposed in the oven.

Clean Your Gear Often

Most of life involves maintenance. All herb vaporizers will eventually build up resin and leftover plant materials that will affect the taste and function of future sessions. After a few cycles, it's wise to give your vape a quick wipe down with 420 Wipes – to remove any excessive buildup between more thorough scrubs. This helps pull remaining plant material from inside the oven and will also keep any remaining herb from building up and burning inside the vape. There’s also the option of using any small bristled brush (sometimes included with vapes). After running the brush through, flip the device upside down and give it a shake or two. This tactic also helps dislodge and remove any scraps. We advise giving vapes a substantial deep cleaning with every recharge of the battery. Remember: all of this advice can be applied to vape pens for concentrates, too. Every vape will gather buildup. Keep it clean, and it’ll last longer and taste better!

ProTip: For Boundless vaporizers, fold a 420 Wipe into thirds for an easier time cleaning the interior of the Detachable Mouthpiece section. Even after soaking in alcohol, it can be astounding how resinated it can remain.


Store It Safely

Herb vaporizers are reasonably delicate pieces of technology that are an investment; we can’t just toss them around and treat them with disregard. Maybe with a less expensive disposable vape pen, or a cheap hand pipe, but high-end vapes need to be protected! VaprCase makes a silicone skin for the PAX that will keep those pesky edge dings from making that gorgeous piece of technology look like the eraser of a chewed pencil. Dry herb vapes will typically end up carrying the smell of cannabis (just like a dirty pipe), so a smell-proof bag from Dime Bags or Skunk can provide an extra layer between inquiring noses and your stash.

Pro Tip: It's a pain to have to haul around a grinder, but we've found Pokit Rokitz or TightPac containers work well for carrying a session or two's worth of ground bud and pour pretty easily into most ovens without spilling everywhere. Nobody likes chasing ground bits.


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