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Cannabis and Exercise: Tips for Working Out While High

Does Cannabis Help With Workouts?

“Fitness? Fitness whole pizza in my mouth!” is a common phrase encountered by people who add exercise to their lives, often by people who have not made it part of their routine. It also seems to be a phrase more frequently heard from cannabis consumers who do not seem to partake in physical activity. A recent poll on our Twitter found that in over 100 people surveyed, 43% had no interest in fitness (or were trolling us.)
Granted, we conducted a little research with a small sample size, but the Department of Health and Human Services recommends about 150 minutes of exercise per week, with a minimum of 30. That’s like, three episodes of Game of Thrones, or half a season of Adventure Time. After reading this article from Onnit about the benefits and “consequences” of the body’s reaction to exercise and cannabis use, we thought it might be time for us to get back to the gym. Here are some Dos and Don'ts we’ve encountered throughout our fitness journey.

Be Sure To Hydrate

We're all guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day. Adding a workout regimen to your life certainly adds to water depletion in your body, so make sure to add a few more glasses to replenish all of that glorious sweat lost during your spin class. Does water seem dull or uninteresting to you? Consider adding fresh fruit or citrus for an added flavor boost. In need of some recovery electrolytes? Step up from Gatorade– Nuun tablets are a more natural hydration tablet that comes in several great flavors and is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Do Recover/Eat Right

Fitness "experts" suggest that protein post-workout helps in faster recovery of muscle fatigue, and an improved diet of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you feel better and potentially live longer. We love these healthy munchie suggestions from High Times! Speaking of being on top of your health food game, the recipe site (and app) Budget Bytes has a plethora of tasty meal planning recipes to give you a step up on your week. Having food prepared ahead of time cuts down on unnecessary snacking or quick trips to the drive-through line.

Do Consider Vaporization

Bong rips are fun, as are freshly rolled joints. But studies suggest vaporization is considerably cleaner on your lungs and can improve the overall quality of your wellness. (The flavor is better, too, but that’s just our opinion.) We recommend a Boundless CF Vaporizer for an initial step toward vaporizing your herb, and if you've been looking for an upgrade, why not try a DaVinci IQ, which has individual temp settings to work with your bud. You can also checkout terpene boiling points for a more useful experience.

Don't try combining cannabis and exercise for the first time on race day.

There is an unwritten rule in the athletic community that it's unwise to try anything different or new on a race or competition day. Nobody wants to have a goal slip away because they’re too stoned to focus. Trust us; we’ve been there. If something goes wrong because you chose to have a quick sesh beforehand, that training could end up being all for naught. Take a training day and see how your body responds to the combination of physical activity and cannabis: does it enhance your experience, or are there adverse effects (cottonmouth, couch lock) taking away from your workout? Perhaps herb is meant more as a post-workout recovery routine for you – a reward for the hard work you put in – rather than a motivator.

Don't use cannabis as your only incentive to workout.

It helps to find an alternate (or several) motivators for your exercise routines. Some who love running use it as a mild-grade therapy session. Others find community in fitness, as accountability is one of the best motivators on the planet. In case workouts begin to lose their luster, it's wise not to apply cannabis as a crutch to finish them. Is there another activity that you've always wanted to try? Yoga is fantastic for an unexpected burn, and as a yogi friend of ours says "I've never left a yoga class where I regret going." We know getting into an exercise plan can be a struggle at first (you will be sore), but just as you can build up a tolerance to THC, your body will adjust to your fitness level as well. Then the effects of exercise and cannabis in conjunction with one another will vastly improve your body’s overall feel, so you don’t have to give up weed to get in shape.

We wish you luck on your wellness journey! Our office has every level of fitness you can think of – from the exercise impartial to the “why are you doing that to yourself” distance runner – so we understand being a canna-athlete. Of course, everyone’s body is different, and each strain will affect bodies in different ways, so your experience may not match with ours. We merely hope these tips can help you achieve the goal you’ve set.

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