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In-depth Volcano Classic Vaporizer History

The Volcano desktop vaporizer till reigns supreme as the best cannabis flower vaporizer. Its been around for a couple of decades and has seen constant improvements along the way. This article takes a look into the Volcano vaporizer's creation, long history, and what makes it work so well.

The German company Storz & Bickel makes the Volcano. The started back in 1998 with their first Volcano. The initial table-top vape had a patented a detachable balloon chamber, which proved to be the unique quality that set their vaporizer apart from all other thinking.
Classic volcano

The first version of the Volcano was built using a heat gun and was absolutely made in a stoner's basement. The use of heated and circulated air produced a steady flow that vaped the weed more evenly. The more efficient air circulation made for a better vaporizer experience and a more potent session.

The "turkey bag" design keeps the heated airflow away from the user until they decide to inhale the bag. The bag allows the air to cool some instead of having to deal with the direct inhalation of hot air. The balloon system also lets you easily share a whole session's worth of vapor with other people by effortlessly passing around the bag. Because of the bag volume and consistent temperature, the Volcano became an instant hit with medical smokers who needed to evenly measure out their cannabis doses.
desktop vaporizerIn 2002 two after solidifying the design of the first Volcano, Storz & Bickel officially made a partnership and began production of the classic Volcano vaporizer we all know and love. The invention had to be completely legitimate because they had their sites set on entering the medical community, so the patents, functionality, and presentation of the device needed to be paramount.

One of the reasons for the Volcano's success is having to meet the standards of the medical community, which many vaporizers were not targeting at the time. In 2003 Storz's and Bickel's effort paid off when they were bestowed the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize for outstanding technical innovation.

Storz & Bickel released the Volcano Digital in 2007. The Digit has more precise temperature control to allow for use with concentrates and to more legitimize it for medical and culinary use. In time, Volcano grew as a household name and was featured at Cannabis Cups around the world. The medical-grade materials and quality control that Storz & Bickel uses in their manufacturing process led to their company and their products as the first established medical-use vaporizers.

After introducing handheld vaporizers like the Mighty and the Crafty, Storz & Bickel began to implement many first-to-market features such as haptic feedback, app control, and convection heating with additional conduction. The company continues to innovate and improve the design of their products today.
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