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Quick Tips on Getting Rid of Weed Smell

Tips of Getting Rid of Weed Smell

Whether walking around a concert or consuming it at home, the smell of cannabis is a pungent, lasting aroma. One of the most significant "challenges" is finding the appropriate way to hide the scent from investigative noses. We've rounded up a few ways to help keep the loud down.

How to Mask Weed Smell in the Air

There are plenty of commercials that showcase how to cover up the nasty stink coming from a trash can or gym bag; the need to hide the smell of cannabis is no different but far less grotesque. One of the most straightforward methods is the use of candles, incense or matches; find a scent that is appealing and gives the room a new vibe. Of course, if a stronger cover-up is needed, try Refresh It Spray! Two quick sprays after a sesh will make any space seem like no one had ever been there rolling a doober or taking massive rips.

SmokeBuddy - Available at 420 Science

These options will, however, announce that something funky smelling did occur, and do not guarantee the original smell will be 100% gone, but it will aid in smell-reduction. Another great option is the use of a SmokeBuddy – a handheld charcoal filter meant for blowing an exhale through to capture smoke and reduce the "odor" exhaled. When all else fails, you can always use the classic method of a cardboard tube stuffed with dryer sheets aimed out the window.

How to Conceal the Smell of Weed Using Discreet Storage

The modern age of legal weed has seen an increase in the need for locking, opaque, smell-proof bags to carry a dispensary haul. If you don't live in a legal state, moving your bud in the open isn't a wise decision anyway. While the containers dispensaries will provide work for a single purchase, they're not very good looking, discreet, or enduring. Step up to a Skunk, Dime Bags, or Cali Bag, each created with the specific intent to keep the smell in and come with some form of locking mechanism to meet child-resistant standards that some states and governments' regulations require.

C-Vault - available at 420 Science

The C-Vault line of aircraft-grade aluminum containers is another excellent alternative for storing nugs. Initially created for the curing cannabis, they have since expanded their selection to include tightly sealed, on-the-go, personal stash-sized containers. Each one is adorned with a holster in the lid for a hydration pack to help keep bud fresher for longer!

Prevent Weed Smell By Consuming Over Smoking

Smoking herb is inherently an odorous affair. Some methods of cannabis consumption can still provide the same effect without the smell. Tinctures are a great way to get high discreetly; we recommend this tincture recipe, and storing the final concoction in a dropper bottle to help evenly measure the amount added to a drink or directly to the tongue!


Edible infusion accessories.


A drawback to edibles is the type, length, and degree of high will be different than inhalation methods. If you're not quite used to edibles or tinctures, it's best to take it slow at first (a single piece of chocolate/brownie or a few drops of a tincture) to see how your body reacts before going full-speed. With making edibles at home – even with a LEVO Oil Infusion System or a Magical Butter Maker – there is an inherent smell involved, just like cooking any meal, so if the end goal is to keep the house from smelling like bud, this might not be the best method. Leave it to the professionals and pick up some edibles from the dispensary.

Remember: when in doubt, don’t risk getting in trouble with the authorities. Wait until you can thoroughly enjoy your session without the worry of being busted. We hope these tips give you some additional cover when it comes to trying to smoke on the down low.

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