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CBN is the Next Cannabis Craze

Cannabinoids are the building blocks of cannabis strains. The effects of cannabis are derived from the combination of cannabinoids present in a given type of weed. THC is the most well known and widely used of these cannabinoids, but CBD or cannabidiol has seen surges in its recent usage rates. Both of these cannabinoids when isolated cause-specific and wholly different effects. But there are a variety of cannabinoids that researchers and growers can isolate for different purposes. One such cannabinoid that is now being leveraged is CBN or cannabinol.

There is typically a tiny amount of CBN present in any strain but it increases in amount as the THC molecules age they degenerate into CBN. When this transformation occurs, so do the effects of cannabis when used. Weed that is high is CBN has a much less euphoric effect and more of a sedative one. Cannabinol doesn't get you stoned, but it will make you quite comfy, and sleepy, and that means something huge to most people in America.

cannabis and sleep

What are the benefits?
Americans are awful at getting a good night sleep. We rank amongst the lowest in the world for time spent sleeping and quality of sleep. Many reasons for this deal with diet, lifestyle, and heredity. So it stands to reason that we are also one of the largest consumers of sleep aids.

A natural sleep remedy may be found in isolated CBN. Once popular culture catches on to the idea of using cannabidiol to help them achieve a peaceful and restful night's sleep we can expect to see the same kind of craze that was ignited over CBD.

killer acid stash jarMake your own.

Are you interested in experiencing the effects of cannabinol? There is an easy way to see if cannabinol can be of any benefit to your lifestyle. Just age some of your cannabis. The higher the THC content, the more significant the amount of CBN there will be in the plant after aging. Letting some nugs sit for a few weeks will convert some of the cannabinoids.

Once they've been left to air out store them back in a stash jar. When you try this aged bud for the first time, don't be surprised when you don't feel stoned but you do feel comfortable and drowsy. Perhaps try using it before bedtime and see if soon you'll be drifting off to dreamland.

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