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Cali Crusher Hydra Review

Feel the Power of the Hydra

When Cali Crusher told us they created an indestructible bubbler we were excited. We love pieces that can handle the harsh conditions of smoking outdoors, road trips, and late night parties. We were pleasantly surprised to learn about all its amazing features.

The Hydra has an all-metal body that protects its glass bowl and mouthpiece. The bubbler section is made from polycarbonate for even more protection. The metal that surrounds the bowl is nearly an inch thick and provides some serious defense against impacts.

But what really makes the Hyrda stand out is the ability to be broken down into smaller pieces. If you want a more traditional smoke session you can remove the bubbler chamber and turn it into a traditional spoon, and then you can unscrew the mouthpiece to make a slim but durable chillum.

Cleaning is also a breeze with the Hydra. Don't worry about debris getting caught in the chamber or downstem, you can just remove those and clean them out! Whatever your style or situation, Hydra can take the form you need to get the job done.

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