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The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2022

Never tried a dry herb vape and not sure what to expect?

Or, do you do you use a weed vaporizer regularly?

Either way, you'll want to check out this comprehensive guide detailing the features of the best cannabis vapes on our website in 2022.

For new vape users, here's a word about what to expect: vaporization is a better weed experience. It improves taste, heightens the effect, requires less material. A vast number of options are available in vaping equipment today. This guide spotlights the top choices and should help you make sense of the sea of information.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Some vaporizers use oil concentrates of cannabis contained in a cartridge.

However, a dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats up dry cannabis flowers inserted into a chamber to release a gas, or vapor, that contains plant material. Flavors and aromas of the dry herb are extracted during the vaporizing process. Users will feel the effects of the dry herb when inhaling its vapors. Sometimes the device is called a dry herb vape or a weed vape.

At 420 Science, we strive to offer the best weed vapes around. Our dry herb vapes provide a quality experience.

Types of dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Vape pens:

As the name says, vape pens look pretty much like a ballpoint writing instrument, but they're slightly bigger in circumference. They're ideal for concealing the fact that you're vaping. You can easily wrap your hand around them, quickly pop them in your pocket, purse or slide them into a drawer. They loosely resemble a cigarette. If portability and discreetness are concerns, a vape pen is your best bet.

A vape pen is most suited for solo use since it can only hold a small amount of ground herb.

Larger portable vapes:

These are larger than vape pens but still simple to carry around. They produce a better quality vapor, thanks to more stable temperature control. Price, convenience, and intended use habits are guidelines to follow when choosing a vaporizer model.

These larger portable units tend to produce better quality vapor due to their improved temperature control. Portable vapes can be had in various sizes and shapes. Some are rectangular and sleek, others disguised as wooden boxes, travel mugs, asthma inhalers. They could be shared with one or two friends at a short vaping session.

Whether you go for a Vape Pen or Portable Vaporizer depends on the intended purpose, convenience and price.

Desktop dry herb vapes:

They are larger and are equipped to plug into a power source. They are usually used in homes since they need more space to set up or store.

They hold more ground herb than portable vaporizers, so are suited for longer vaping sessions, up to a few hours in duration. Desktop vaporizer technology is usually more advanced and powerful than portable vapes and vape pens. They can be used solo or for group vaping sessions.

How do dry herb vaporizers work?

Dry herb vaporizers produce vapor clouds by heating cannabis flowers inserted into the chamber. There are two different methods for heating the dry herbs; conduction and convection. The heating chamber in a vaporizer that uses conduction heat usually includes an open flame heating plate, which combusts the cannabis flowers to produce a vapor cloud.

Convective heat vaporizers use liquid or gas to facilitate the movement of heat. Hot air is circulated over the dry herb whenever someone takes a hit. The cannabis flower is not combusted in this method.

Convective vaporizers are a bit pricier but are thought to be superior to conduction vaporizers. Since conduction vaporizers use direct heat, the cannabis flowers may become overheated, creating a burnt taste.

Vaporizer Parts and accessories

Dry herb vaporizers generally contain:

  • A heating chamber, metal or ceramic
  • A heating source, battery, or electric
  • Charging cables or cords with outlet plugs
  • A fine screen or filter
  • A mouthpiece
  • A vaporizer


1. Volcano Vaporizer

This is the classic stoner's dream machine. A durable, robust, utterly electro-mechanical design that can be relied upon. The heat exchanger brings air cleanly and simply to the desired (adjustable) temperature. This tabletop unit is the one to rely upon for years of everyday use.

2. Pax 3

Excellent vapor quality without blowing big bucks is the top-selling point for this mixed-use vaporizer. An absorbent pad collects so you can vape them in the heating chamber. The ceramic oven and mouthpiece enhance the flavor experience. The Pax 3 brings a tremendous vaping experience within everyone's reach.

3. X Vape Aria

The attractively designed scarab green X Vape Aria is a hybrid vaporizer compatible with both concentrates and dry herbs. The isolated vapor path, ceramic oven, and mouthpiece make for the purity of flavor. The stainless steel dab pad soaks up concentrates for vaping in the heating chamber.

4. Boundless CFX

Large chamber. Long battery life. Reasonable price. Need we say more? Okay, we'll go one better. You can do dabs out of this thing too. The extra concentrate chamber can be loaded and inserted into the CFX's oven for your oil toking enjoyment. Dial the temperature to your ideal setting, sit back, and enjoy the clean flavor wafting from the ceramic chamber.

5. LINX Eden Dry Herb Vaporizer

A vapor path free from harmful toxins and plastics and a real convection function make this handheld unit the choice of the health-conscious. The all quartz chamber and included lava plates for vaping concentrate with flower will transport you to vape paradise.

6. Cloudius 9

Bubbler features in a portable vaporizer set the Cloudius 9 apart. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece is easy to clean and provides an optimal combination of strength and clarity. The mouthpiece was also designed to curve at the perfect angle for exceptional comfort while enjoying a vape session. A large chamber, precise temperature, and a stick for stirring for even combustion add to the pleasure this vaporizer will bring the user.

7. Linx Gaia

A vape with next-generation components, the Linx Gaia is a sleek and elegant handheld with a magnetic cap to keep the mouthpiece clean. The incoming air is used as an insulator in this advanced design vape. Great looks and efficient function combine to make for a superior vape experience.

8. Davinci Miqro

This fun and fully portable pocket vaporizer is available in a choice of cool colors. But don't let its freewheeling style fool you. The zirconium ceramic vapor path makes for a pure draw of vapor, and the unit's function is precise and efficient.

9. Extreme Q

A desktop model made in the Volcano image, which is the most popular and well-reviewed vaporizer in the world, Extreme Q works with either a mini whip or a turkey balloon bag. The Extreme Q features a glass mouthpiece that mimics the experience of smoking a pipe. The whisper-quiet fan makes for a peaceful toking experience.

10. Arizer Solo 2

Long battery life in a small portable is the Arizer Solo2's most impressive feature. The all-glass heating system and smooth vapor path make for an easy draw. Two mouthpiece lengths come with the Solo 2, and every glass element comes with a plastic carrying unit.

Any of these units would make an excellent choice for your next vaporizer purchase. Given the variety of size and function offered by this lineup, it should be simple to select one that suits your style and vaping habits. Take a look at the collection and if you need more information about the details of vaping, check out more of our informational posts. At 420 Science, we don't merely sell vaping supplies; we offer education about vaping practice.


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