Vibes King Size Cone Packs

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Pre-rolled Big Cones

Vibes cones are made to be easy to load and burn extra slow for a quick start and a slow finish to your smoke session. Each of these boxes contains three pre-rolled cones with a paper folded filter.

The King Size Vibes Hemp Cones offer a classic king-size joint experience. The natural hemp paper of the Vibes Cones is thin enough for your weed's flavor to flourish and will burn slowly and evenly.

Vibes King Size Rice Cones are prepared for those that want an even slower burning paper more than anything. Rice paper burns slower than hemp making for longer sessions and easier to pass joints. With the added length of the King Size Vibes Cones, you’ll be able to chill out and enjoy the flavor of your smoke even longer.

The Vibes Ultra Thin Cones - King Size offers the thinnest paper available to ensure that your smoke flavor isn't thrown off by “paper smoke” overpowering your dry herb’s smoke. These king size cones offer the best flavor experience of the three pre-rolled cones.


  • King-sized pre-rolled cones
  • Even and slow-burning
  • Available in hemp, rice, and ultra-thin
  • 3 cones per box