Unholy Coronation 11 Beaker - Smoke

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Unholy Coronation Bong - A Bong of Power and Consequence

Enter the realm of the Unholy Coronation Bong, where the story of power and consequence unfolds, challenging the very essence of humanity and the choices we make.

Emperor Horan finds himself torn between these opposing forces. The very voice of Death reminds him that once the scales tip, life and eternal soul shall be the price to pay. In the face of this daunting truth, the Emperor embarks on a path of self-reflection, battling his obligation to benevolence against his insatiable lust for bloodshed.

Step into the dark realm of the Unholy Coronation Bong, where a tale of power, conquest, and inner turmoil unfolds. Inspired by games of chance and tyrant kings, this 11-inch mini beaker is crafted using our highest level technique, 'Micro-SB,' resulting in one of our most detailed and intricate pieces to date.

Continuing the gripping card game between King Horan and Death, this special edition bong depicts the ceremony that legitimizes his unholy anointment. The Unholy Coronation Bong stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, capturing the essence of the intense struggle for power and the consequences it brings.

As you gaze upon this sinister masterpiece, immerse yourself in the tale of Emperor Horan and the fateful balance represented by the "Judgment of Malice." Each intricate detail tells a story, inviting you to contemplate the choices we make, the consequences we face, and the eternal battle between darkness and light.

Experience the Unholy Coronation Bong and embrace the chilling allure of power and consequence that it embodies. Will you succumb to the shadows or emerge with a newfound understanding of the delicate balance within the human soul?

Yes. This bong represents all that badass craziness.


  • Height: 11 inches
  • Base width: 5inches
  • Joint size: 19mm female
  • Made from 12mm borosilicate tubing
  • Includes: 19mm bowl
  • Highest detail of sand etched illustration
  • Beware the Curse of Horan