Red Eye Tek 6" Terminator Finish Vector Concentrate Dab Rig

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Vector Concentrate Rig - Compact Size, Extra Long Mouthpiece

The Vector Concentrate Rig delivers the tastiest terpene flavors in a compact and stylish package. Crafted with 100% borosilicate glass and adorned with a metallic Terminator finish, this rig looks sleek and guarantees durability.

Equipped with a four-hole perc, this rig ensures smooth and filtered hits, letting you savor every precious drop of concentrate. But that's not all - we've also added an extra long mouthpiece, catering to those with luscious locks who prefer a bit of distance between them and the heated banger. Say goodbye to any accidental singed hair mishaps!


- Height: 6in - 10in (adjustable for your preference)

- Material: 100% borosilicate glass

- Finish: Metallic Terminator

- Perc: 4-hole design

- Mouthpiece: Extra long for added convenience