Randy's Resin Guard Water Replacement

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Randy's Resin Guard- Better than Water

Upgrade your bong sessions with Randy's Resin Guard. This proprietary solution features a liquid base infused with robust extracts, forming a protective barrier between your prized piece and the natural resin buildup that occurs during sessions. By using Resin Guard instead of regular tap water, you can savor the pure flavors of your legal herb for longer periods. Resin Guard has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and maintain Randy's reputation for high-quality cleaning products. With its 100% food-grade formula, simply add Resin Guard to your favorite piece like you would with regular tap water, and enjoy a truly amazing session free from nasty resin buildup!


  • Solution Type: Liquid
  • Usage: Replace regular tap water
  • Protection: Creates a protective barrier against resin buildup
  • Formula: 100% food-grade