Honeybee Herb Quartz Stub Bubble Carb Cap

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The quartz stub bubble carb caps are a trending tool for the maximum enjoyment of your extracts and other legal oils. The elongated stems direct the airflow as you inhale.

The center bubble sits on the top of your dab rig banger (works best with thermal bangers). Use the top stem to roll the bubble around to maximize vaporization. It works best for those who enjoy low temp dabs and for those who really like to savor their hits. Be advised that this dab carb cap is only compatible with bangers 22mm and smaller in inner diameter.

A QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP is a fundamental instrument intended for use with domeless nails. To use a banger carb cap, heat up your heating component, put your oil or focus on the nail, and afterward, place the carb cap over the domeless nail.

These gadgets have a little opening to limit the wind stream to your nail and increment flavor. In the event that you dab without carb caps, you'll be continually maneuvering cold air into the office of your nail. This progression of air will chill off your heating component and concentrates before you can appreciate the entirety of the flavors your concentrates have to bring to the table.

Dabbing without a QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP compels you to take higher temp dabs, obliterating the terpenes in your concentrates.

See more products from Honeybee Herb