MJ Arsenal Premium Full Weld Opaque Quartz Banger

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$ 35.99 $ 35.99


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A Perfect Banger for a Mini Rig

This is a seamless quartz banger. That means the entire thing is made from quartz glass instead of two separate pieces. A seamless banger is stronger than one that is made from two pieces and retains heat more evenly. This banger is suitable to use with a carb cap or you can add terp pearls and cyclone cab to enhance the experience.

The opaque bottom of the banger retains heat longer and traps it in the bottom instead of the sides. In the constant pursuit of excellence and always elevating the ordinary consumption experience, MJ Arsenal is proud to introduce the new Premium Full Weld line of quartz offerings.


  • Fully welded quartz banger
  • Seamless bangers are stronger than normal bangers
  • Maximum airflow and stability
  • The opaque bottom retains heat
  • Ideal for MJ Arsenal Dab Rigs
  • 10mm male joint
  • 22.5mm outer diameter, 16.5mm inner diameter
  • 32mm deep