Honeybee Herb Black Line Honeysuckle Diamond Sundial Quartz Banger

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$ 44.99 $ 44.99

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The Honeysuckle Diamond Quartz Banger features an absolutely gorgeous design as well as incredible function. The angle and size of the cuts in the bottom that allow airflow in, combined with the height and hour glass shape create an amazing vortex of airflow that will guarantee you're getting every bit out of your product, every time!

The absolutely aesthetically pleasing diamond-shaped bottom only adds to the beauty of this Quartz Nail.

The Honeysuckle Diamond Sundial is a "terp slurper" style design that sits at a 90° angle. It is 65mm tall and 2.5mm thick with an outer diameter of 20mm at the top, expanding to a diameter of 27mm at the dish.

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