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Prism introduces the Moonlight Rose Beaker Double Stack as their take on the timeless beaker single percolator bong, and there's no denying its captivating beauty. This exquisite piece features a Standard Mouthpiece, Big Tree Perc, 7mm Beaker Base, a clear downstem and 14mm bowl, along with two Black Halo connectors.

With Prism's custom bong system, breaking down the Moonlight Rose Beaker Double Stack is a breeze, allowing for effortless cleaning, part replacement, and the flexibility to customize your setup. Its portability also makes it convenient to pack in a backpack, making it the perfect companion for adventurous escapades.

What’s Included:

  • Moonlight Rose Beaker Base
  • 2x Blue Halos
  • Moonlight Rose Big Tree Perc
  • Blueberry Moonlight Rose Standard Mouthpiece
  • Blueberry Downstem
  • Blueberry 14mm Bowl


  • Beaker Base Thickness: 7mm
  • Mouthpiece and Percolator Thicknesses: 5mm
  • Overall Height: 20"
  • Tube Diameter: 2" (mouthpiece) 2.5” (percolator), & 6” (base)
  • Bowl Joint: 14mm female
  • Downstem Joint: 18mm female