GRAV® Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler - Assorted Colors

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$ 49.99 $ 49.99
Color Clear

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Slush Cup Mini Rig

The GRAV® Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler is a miniaturized version of the original but still packs a punch. The small size and dense glass make it easy to hold and tough enough to take on adventures. 

The angled downstem and percolator provide smooth hits and prevent water from splashing back. It features a 10mm cup bowl and a Dewar-seal joint for a flush setting. Upgrade to a 10mm quartz banger to use it as a mini dab rig. Whether you're looking for quick hits or long draws, the Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler won't disappoint.


  • Comes with: GRAV 10mm Cup Bowl
  • Designed by: Micah Evans
  • Filtration type: 2-hole Perc
  • Height: 3.13in
  • Base width: 2.25in
  • Material: Borosilicate
  • Use with: Flower & Concentrate
  • Fill it with an actual slushy. We dare you.