Eyce ProTeck Series Rolling Tray

$ 49.99


$ 49.99 $ 49.99


Color Smoke Black

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Double-sided Rolling Tray for Weed and Dabs

Eyce loves to craft innovative smoking accessories with lots of features and novel uses. Their Proteck rolling tray is a great example of their ability to take well-established items like a rolling tray and breathe new life into them.

These vibrantly colored rolling trays are protected with a silicone base that also functions as a perfect dab mat when removed. The solid borosilicate glass rolling tray has curved edges ideal for collecting and grinding over. The silicone mat can be attached to the bottom for added protection or used separately for dabbing.


  • Length: 11in
  • Width: 7in
  • Height: 1in
  • Platinum cured silicone dab mat/lid/bottom
  • Borosilicate glass rolling tray
  • Available in 3 colors