DynaVap Captive Cap

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Replacement Cap For Dynavap

The Dynavap titanium chamber is designed to be a heatsink and the patented cap makes a snap sound when the chamber is just the right temp to get a vaporized but not combusted hit.

The new design helps keep the Cap in place while also allowing for a more even distribution of the airflow as well as an improved tactile indication of both the heat up and cool down clicks.

They recommend a butane lighter or induction heater to heat the cap up quickly, but a regular lighter will work too and you can get the learning curve down better. This replacement cap will get you back to snapping hits and fits on any of the vaporizers that Dynavap makes.


  • New design allows cap to stay clipped on to they DynaVap
  • Vaporizer cap clicks when heated to correct temperature
  • Fits on Dynavap vaporizers