Dip Devices EVRI Three-In-One Vaporizer

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$ 69.99 $ 69.99


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Swiss Army Dab Pen

EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional dab pen battery that can take many forms. EVRI features a battery that connects magnetically to different attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment for dabbing solid wax like a dab pen. The 510/Pod attachment has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods if that's your thing. There is also a dab straw vapor tip you can add if you want to dip straight into your dabs. EVRI continues to release new parts.


  • Magnetic, universal battery
  • Multi-functional consumption
  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • Ceramic tip with instant heat nichrome coil center
  • 510/Pod Compatible
  • 3 heat settings
  • Compact, versatile design
  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery