BRNT Designs Briq Concrete Ash Tray

$ 44.99


$ 44.99 $ 44.99


Color Yellow

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Designer Concrete Ashtray

Relativity is a lithograph print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher. It is also the inspiration for the spiral shape of the Briq’s one-of-a-kind interior. People often think of concrete as this rigid, static construct. In reality, it’s alive and raw. It swirls and spirals. It often doesn’t fit the mold. Just like you. So embrace the little differences because this is your new ashtray. Fall in love with it.

The base of the Briq can be cleaned with hot water and soap as well as small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. We recommend cleaning the lid with soap and hot water, but any resin can be removed with an isopropyl swab. Do not soak concrete or wood in isopropyl or water. Once you are done washing, dry before storing.



  • Four joint rests
  • Walnut Lid
  • Length/Width: 4in
  • Height: 1.75in