Standing Up for Change

We’re heartbroken. We’re angry. So what do we do? We act. We talk to our friends. We talk to our family. We talk to our kids. We support organizations that need our help. We donate. 

After seeing the miles-long lines at the food banks, we donated $5,500 to our local food bank, @ctxfoodbank 

We’re donating another $5,500 to organizations that are specifically helping BIPOC and other marginalized communities. Some of the organizations we will be supporting are:

Austin Justice Coalition
Black Lives Matter
Last Prisoner Project
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Police Accountability Project

These issues are about basic human rights. There are a lot of problems to solve in the world, but if people can’t eat, people can’t breathe, and people don’t feel safe then we’re failing. 

We encourage you to help in whatever way you can: speaking up, volunteering, educating yourself on the history of racism in America, voting, donating, protesting. There are many ways to contribute. Find what resonates with your heart. There is a lot to be done and we will continue to do the work. Forever. 

We’re still sad and we’re still angry and we’ll continue doing our part to contribute to a better future. 

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