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    We are cannabis enthusiasts

    Cannabis benefits the mind, the body, and the soul. It should be legal for all adults. We stand with the Marijuana Policy Project and provide financial support for legalization efforts.

    We do the right thing

    Business is personal. Our customers, our vendors, and our employees are people. We treat people the same way we expect to be treated.

    We believe in evolution

    Change is natural. Keeping an open mind and remembering that it’s a natural tendency to resist change allows us to be flexible. A willingness to learn is essential for our team.

    We value functional design

    Careful consideration is given to the aesthetics and functionality of everything we do.

    We care about quality

    Our products and our processes must meet our high-quality standards. Accuracy and attention to detail are vital to us. We are professionals who shatter the stoner stereotype.

    We solve problems

    By focusing on efficiency, our team looks for the root causes of problems. We address issues head on and learn from our mistakes.

    We are happy

    Life is good. We’re blessed to be doing the work we love. Our happiness attracts like-minded people and helps us to create a supportive, friendly environment.