Caldwell’s One Hitter Slider Tin 4-Pack

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Recyclable One-Hitters for Easy Smoking

Caldwell's one-hitters have always been a lifesaver for those who need a disposable smoking device that isn't glass. And now, they come with an even better packaging solution. Gone are the days of wasteful paper packaging, as Caldwell's one-hitters now come in a reusable tin case that's as discreet as it is environmentally friendly.

Handmade with the safest and most eco-friendly materials available, Caldwell's one-hitters are still the perfect solution for those moments when discretion is key. The food-grade paper for the one-hitter is chlorine-free and biodegradable, while the all-stainless steel bowl is surgical-grade and recyclable. And with the new reusable tin case, you can use and store your Caldwell's one-hitter with ease and style.

So whether you're on-the-go or simply looking for a sustainable smoking option, Caldwell's one-hitters with their new reusable tin case are the perfect solution for any smoker. Plus, with the added convenience and eco-friendliness of the new packaging, you can ditch those wasteful paper options without guilt.



  • Discreet and classic design
  • Disposable/Recyclable
  • Stainless steel bowl with 5-hole filter
  • Chlorine-free food-grade paper tubing
  • Reusable Tin case (you can keep your weed in there)
  • Don’t Litter

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