Orbis from GRAV

The Orbis family of dab rigs is a futuristic and modern take on the small glass, water-filtered, concentrate pipe. We tested each of these new rigs from GRAV, and we've never been more enchanted with a new take on a typical dab rig.


Each Orbis features a black ball-and-socket mouthpiece that evokes a modern hookah-like appearance. Each piece comes with a 14mm male banger that has a long arm to keep the heat away from your pipe. But if you want a better one, we'll give you half off a banger that fits it with the code, THISBANGERSUCKS.


Each Orbis has a pretty low water line except the Amphora. A low water line is best for dabbing because dab rigs are smaller and minimal filtration is best for tasty dabs. The percs in each pipe jet bubbles at the walls of the pipe accurately, and the mouthpiece prevents backsplash. The hits are free of drag and super smooth.

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