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How to Hit a Bong: Stacking Bong Hits

The cannabis lifestyle has a lot of jargon that it throws around. There are many terms for pipes, bowls, bongs, and endless names for weed. I have my preferred phrases for sure. If you peruse the items on our online headshop, you'll find constant references to blazing, bong rips, and stacking hits. This last phrase I realized recently is an outlier because it has to do with a technique that not all smokers may use or even know about. It's a method unique to bongs, so you won't be doing this with one hitters or other small pieces.

Here is how to take bigger bong hits.

What is a Stacked Bong Rip?
hitting a bong

You could be stacking hits and not even know it. Stacking your hit is the best way to hit a bong. Hit stacking occurs when you hit a bong, and the smoke gathers in the chamber and does not move significantly up the mouthpiece. As you continue to run the bong, you can smoke more and more of the bowl and keep the smoke in the body without actually inhaling it until you decide.

There are several ways to hit a water pipe. Depending on the design of a bong, there is usually an ideal way to smoke out of it. Most people who have a bong own one that is based on a tube or a beaker design. As long as your bong is medium-sized or has a middle perc, you'll be able to stack hits in the chamber.

How to Smoke a Bong Stacking Hits

The key to accumulating runs is keeping your breath under control. If you hit a bong too hard, you lose on two fronts. When you inhale too quickly, you risk sucking unburnt weed into the water wasting it, and your hit will travel up through the mouthpiece because of suction instead of stacking.

bong ripsTo correctly stack hits you need to inhale slowly and steadily. Start with you lighter next to the bowl and gently pull filling up the empty chamber with smoke. Keep gently hitting until you run out of breath. Then with your next inhale, remove the bowl and quickly inhale a large amount of smoke all at once. You will be blazed.

This method of bong smoking gets you super high because you're smoking most of the entire bowl at once. If you merely hit the bong super hard and keep hitting, the smoke from the hit will travel to your mouth before you are ready to clear the bong, and the smoke will be harsher. Stacking a hit allows you to get a colossal bong rip without the harshness since the hit is slowly filtered and the bowl isn't torched all at once.

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