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CBD: Isolate or Full Spectrum? What's Right For You?

What are CBD products?

Cannabidiol is a beneficial but non-intoxicating cannabinoid in marijuana, and it's exploding in popularity for many reasons. Part of that is due to its actual abilities to help with anxiety, epilepsy, and even quitting smoking. But some of the reasons for its rise are because of statements labeling it as a cure-all for cancers, rare diseases, and because it resides in a legal grey area.

The truth is CBD can be extremely helpful to many people regardless of their stance on cannabis itself. Depending on your preference to have a more or less cannabis-like effect, you'll want to focus on full spectrum or Isolated CBD.

What version is best for you?

The essential difference is that full spectrum CBD products have additional cannabinoids beyond Cannabidiol. Typically what causes the full spectrum effect is the interaction between CBD, small amounts of CBN, terpenes, and tiny amounts of THC. THC is kept to a minimum even in full spectrum extracts because the specific intention is to give you the beneficial effects of cannabis without any of the high, or at least not much.

If you don't use cannabis, but want some of the benefits and want to make sure you are free of THC then isolate is best for you. CBD Isolates have nearly zero additional cannabinoids and terpenes and are often a pure crystalized form of CBD. This pure form has a more limited but direct effect and doesn't make the user feel medicated or couch-locked to any degree like some users say full spectrum CBD can.

If you really want to avoid interacting with any part of the cannabis plant but still want to benefit from cannabinoids and terpenes, then there are some oils and extracts made from other plants like flax seed and some flowers that separately produce CBD and terpenes like myrcene and linalool that have similar effects.

However, If you already enjoy regular cannabis you may prefer the additional effects of full spectrum. The interaction between all the cannabinoids and specific terpenes in different full spectrum blends create the same CBD effects along with some slight sedative and lifting effects as well. If you're into that, then the additional cost and cannabis-like qualities may be a bonus to you.

Legends and Legality

The legality of CBD resides in a grey area in many states, but the federal legality is pretty clearcut. The DEA considers any substance made from the cannabis plant to be illegal, especially if it contains even a trace of THC. But that hasn't seemed to stop thousands of headshops and health stores from selling these products.

What research has not shown so far is that CBD or any cannabis derivatives have cancer curing effects. There is some limited research that may show CBD may reduce the progression of some cancers.

While sometimes CBD is promoted as a cure-all when it should not be, it does have many benefits spanning from stress relief to a sleep aid. The most important thing to remember is to do your research to see what's right for you and only choose reputable vendors and products.

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