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Best One Hitter Pipes of 2022

One-hitter pipes are a class of pipe that is all about small doses and convenience. A one-hitter or taster is easy to store in your pocket or bag and holds just enough weed to get you in the zone. 

One-hitters come in a vast variety of colors and designs but are all made to deliver a single small bowl of cannabis to the smoker in a straight tube. Many one-hitters are made to be cheap and replaceable, so you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking them. 

Here are the best one-hitters we offer and what makes them such great pocket-sized pipes.

What is a One-Hitter Pipe?

A one-hitter is designed to do precisely what the name says, providing you with one hit of weed in a straight shot glass pipe that is simple to use and carry around. One-hitter pipes are usually about three to four inches long and have an indentation on one side to load ground cannabis and a long hollow mouthpiece. Some one-hitters have glass balls outside to keep them from rolling off tables.

One hitter pipes are an invention that dates back to the dugouts used in the Vietnam war by soldiers. Bamboo tubes were made into simple pipes loaded with weed in one end and smoked from. Eventually, these small pipes were made from metal and then glass when they became more popular.

Benefits of Smoking with One-Hitter Pipes

The best part of smoking with a one-hitter pipe is managing your dosage. A taster only holds a small amount of weed. Most people can hit a one-hitter one to three times before it’s cached, and they can gauge how their high is. Unlike more giant bowls that may have half-burnt material left in the bowl after you are done smoking, a one-hitter is completely smoked before it’s loaded again. 

Aside from limiting your weed intake, one-hitters are also cheap to purchase, and that means you don’t feel too bad if it breaks or you lose your pipe. One-hitter pipes make excellent backup pipes and are good to have stashed away in your bag or other locations in case you find yourself without a way of smoking.

Easy Carry and Storage

A one-hitter pipe is perfect to carry in your pocket, a handbag, or in a dugout. When carrying a taster pipe in your pocket it’s best to keep it in some kind of sleeve to hide the smell. After you use them one hitters can smell strongly of cannabis much the same way a hand pipe does. 

A storage tube is great for keeping one-hitters and it will still fit easily in your pocket. A one-hitter pipe can go just about anywhere in a backpack. When using a dugout the one-hitter is stored in the secure space made for it.

Better Taste

The hits you get from a one-hitter pipe taste better than the smoke from a handpipe or larger pipe like a bubbler. One-hitters taste better because there is less glass for the resin to build up on and resinous flavors are what change the taste of your hit in a pipe. 

When you smoke out of a pipe that has been used many times the resins that build up in the bowl and interior walls of the pipe heat up and release harsh flavors and smells that take away from the fresh dank flavors of a pure green hit. 

Simple to Clean

The small bowl of a one-hitter is cleared each time you smoke and the short interior of the pipe can easily be cleaned to remove the resin. Cleaning a one-hitter involves dropping it in a bowl or other container with isopropyl alcohol to let it soak for a few hours. 

After it soaks, wash it with hot and soapy water to remove any sticky residue and then scrub it with cotton swabs to catch any remaining resins in the mouthpiece or bowl.

What are the Best One-Hitter Pipes?

We’ve curated a collection of only the best tasters and one-hitter pipes made by respected glass brands. Take a look and discover your favorite one-hitter.

1. GRAV 4in Taster with Silicone Skin

This is the best one-hitter we sell when it comes to all-around performance. This pipe is durable, easy to conceal, reduces odors, and has a large bowl for its size. The silicone cover is a game changer when it comes to adding damage protection and reducing the smell from using your one hitter. The bowl is a multi-hole chamber that doesn’t get clogged and the grip on the silicone skin is easy to hold.

$9.99 from GRAV

Shop GRAV 4in Taster with Silicone Skin

2. RYOT Wooden Bat with Spring

The best take on a classic one-hitter, the RYOT Spring Bat is the easiest to keep clean of all these small pipes. The spring-driven mouthpiece clears the bowl when pushed in and prevents resins from building up in the pipe. These dugout pipes are available in multiple wood grains.

$12.99 from RYOT 

Shop RYOT Wooden Bat with Spring

3. EYCE Silicone Shorty One-Hitter

This pipe has a silicone body and a glass bowl. The trumpet bowl holds a decent amount of weed and the durable silicone body mean that this one-hitter isn’t likely to break, scratch, or sink on accident. It also has a loop if you want to attach it to a string or chain for extra security. This one hitter is perfect for smoking poolside or floating down the river.

$10.99 from EYCE

Shop EYCE Silicone Shorty One-hitter

4. GRAV Upline Taster

The Upline one-hitter is all about big hits and durability. The reinforcement provided by the restrictions on the interior of the taster provides durability and causes the smoke to expand and contract as it moves through the pipe cooling it some. The Upline taster has a large bowl and is for those who want a bigger hit when smoking a one-hitter.

$12.99 from GRAV

Shop GRAV Upline Taster

5. K. Haring Taster

This taster is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. This one-hitter is longer than standard one hitters at about 4 inches but that lends itself to the authentic K. Haring art on the outside of the pipe. The mouthpiece is tapered out so that the one-hitter only rolls in a circle when set down instead of off a table. The deep mouthpiece provides room for several hits before needing to be reloaded.

$19.99 from K.Haring

Shop K. Haring Taster

6. 420 Science 3in Taster

You can’t beat this one-hitter for the price. We know that a taster is all about being able to smoke and not feeling bad if you lose or misplace the pipe. This is a cheap glass one-hitter that has a rollstop and a compact shape that can be easily stored in your pocket or purse.

Price: $4.20 from 420 Science

Shop 420 Science 3in Taster

7. Jane West Collection: The Solo

This one-hitter is an all-metal flat-sided pipe. This pipe comes with a poker that screws onto the cap and makes it easy to keep the taster fresh and ready for a new bowl. The flat sides of the taster keep it from rolling and make the overall appearance modern and sleek. The ability to clean it any time with the included poker is a great bonus.

Price: $11.99 from Jane West

Shop Jane West Collection The Solo

8. GRAV Whimiscal Taster 10-Pack

A ten pack of tasters is a fantastic idea for anyone who loves to smoke while they are out and about and likes to mix and match their pipes to the activity or outfit at the time. Each pack is randomly assorted and features a wide variety of designs and colors. These make perfect gifts for your toking friends as well.

Price: $19.99 from GRAV

Shop RAV Whimsical Taster 10-Pack

9. GRAV Concentrate Taster

This all-glass taster has a small plate in front of the mouthpiece for you to heat up with a torch pocket lighter. Hit the plate with the lighter for a few seconds and touch your dabber to it while inhaling for a tasty dab straw-style hit. These are made of all borosilicate so you do have to be careful with heating. When done carefully these are great tools to taste a small number of dabs.

Price: $11.99 from GRAV

Shop GRAV Concentrate Taster

10. Caldwells Disposable Paper One-Hitters

Sometimes you want the ability to smoke just a little bud and not leave a trace of what happened. When a joint is too much but you don’t want to keep a pipe on you, Caldwell’s disposable one-hitter is the way to smoke. This taster is made from a wax-coated thick paper and the bowl is aluminum. When you’re done using it you can discard the paper and the bowl in the recycling bin.

Price: $5.99 from Caldwell’s

Shop Caldwell’s Disposable Paper One-Hitters

Looking for One-Hitter Pipes Online? We Have You Covered!

Shop our large collection of tasters and one-hitter pipes to find the perfect little pipe for smoking a small amount of weed. If you’re not sure what pipe is best for you feel free to send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best pipe.

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