Teal X-Morphic: EVO 15 Glass Beaker

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Teal X-Morphic: EVO 15 Glass Beaker - Dive into the Intricate Patterns

Experience the mesmerizing depths of the Teal X-Morphic: EVO 15 Glass Beaker. As you descend into the 6th dimension, time seems to slow down, revealing an intricate interplay of patterns that morph and transform before your eyes.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, this 15-inch tall glass beaker is a testament to the complexity and creativity of the x-morphic pattern. With every gaze, new designs and shapes emerge, offering an ever-unfolding visual journey that intrigues you. Featuring a 19mm female joint, this beaker is ready to deliver big hits.



  • Height: 15 inches
  • Base Width: 6 inches
  • Joint: 19mm female
  • Tubing Thickness: 9mm
  • Includes a 19mm male bowl