AFM Terp Slurper Kit - 14mm - Male - 90deg

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The Quartz Banger is a type of dab nail made from high-quality quartz, known for its durability and excellent heat retention properties. Here are its features:

3mm Thick / 25mm: The quartz banger is constructed with a thickness of 3mm, ensuring sturdiness and resistance to high temperatures. The diameter of the banger is 25mm.

Flat Top Beveled Edge: The top of the banger is flat with a beveled edge, allowing for easy loading of concentrates and ensuring a secure fit with carb caps.

Made from 100% High-Quality Quartz: The banger is crafted entirely from premium-quality quartz material, ensuring a clean and smooth flavor profile during dabbing.

Domeless Nail: The quartz banger is designed as a domeless nail, eliminating the need for a separate glass dome.

Polished Joint: The joint of the quartz banger is polished to ensure a seamless and airtight connection with the dab rig.

Cap Included: The quartz banger comes with a cap included, which is a helpful accessory for controlling airflow and vaporization during dabbing sessions.

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