420 Science x Killer Acid Rolling Tray - Smoke Em

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The Coolest Rolling Tray

A good rolling tray is an essential part of having quality smoke sessions. Your rolling tray represents the area that you get stoned in, the place where you perform your weed rituals, and a surface to help keep you organized. An all-metal rolling tray with a magnetic cover is the ideal place to roll your joints and blunts as well as store your tools for rolling or dabbing.

This wide rolling tray keeps your tools in one place and so much more. A cool rolling tray catches all that bud you drop when you roll up a fat doobie so you can use it again. But ordinary trays can also catch dust and other particles floating in the air. Our tray has a magnetic lid that snaps onto the rim of the tray keeping out unwanted debris. We also have an optional custom fitted silicone insert that can be used to turn the tray into a dual purpose dab station.

This tray features the weed-positive and psychedelic-themed artwork of Killer Acid. The Smoke Em if Ya Got'em artwork is unapologetically weird and wonderfully weed forward. This rolling tray expresses a carefree nature and a fun-focused smoke session.


  • Dimensions: 10.5in x 6.25in x .5in
  • Metal rolling tray with magnetic lid
  • Curved walls for easy rolling
  • A polished surface prevents sticking
  • No creases or areas for ground weed to be trapped
  • Available with or without silicone dab insert
  • Artwork by Killer Acid
  • Check out our Killer Acid Collection