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    Robin P.
    United States United States
    Really a good idea!

    These things are a great idea, however, for me they don’t work as well as they should have. So what’s my issue? The problem is the bamboo(?) handles. These are basically round cooking skewers cut short. Each handle is about 3” in length and about a 1/16” in diameter. The variety pack includes handles with both blunt and pointy ends. The problem is particularly acute with the pointy ended ones, but I found neither to work well. There simply is not enough surface area on the working end of the handles to achieve serious cleaning, even with 99% isopropyl alcohol. The pointy ended handles simple poke through the steel wool and basically do nothing. The blunt ended ones are slightly more effective, but only work well 1/16th on an inch at a time. As I said, I think these are a really good idea, it’s just a matter of execution. Here’s my solution - The interior diameter of my bucket banger is about 3/4”. I bought a piece of 5/8” dowel at my local hardware store and cut it to about 4” long. Note that it is important that the working end of the dowel be flat and a true 90 degrees. The dowel’s factory ends should already be 90 degrees. Unless you know positively that both ends of your short piece are a true 90 degrees, I suggest marking the factory end for future use. The working end needs to sit flat in the banger bottom. Additionally, I bought a small bag of fine (#0) steel wool at the same hardware store. To use my method, put a little 99% isopropyl alcohol (available here, https://www.420science.com/collections/cleaning/products/higher-standards-iso-pure-cleaning-solution) in the bucket. Take a *** of the steel wool about the size of 1 - 2 Magical Unicorn Tips, drop it into the bucket, insert the 90 degree end of the dowel and, pressing down gently, twist it round and round. Note that you may need to remove the steel wool, *** it up again, put it back in the banger and do the twisty dowel dance once (or even twice) more. Do the same thing for the sides of the bucket, only use the side of the dowel rather than the end. All of that said, I don’t find this method does a particularly good job for the inside corner of my banger. I think it is slightly concave. For the corner, I drop a smaller dense *** of the steel wool into the bucket. Then, using the edge of the head of a 16d common framing nail (ask at your local hardware store if you don’t know what that is), press the edge into the steel wool and thus into the corner, scrubbing gently with a back and forth/twisting motion. It takes a little pressure, but with some patience that corner will be as clean as it was when it was new. You should also know that the gunk in your banger will eventually clog the steel wool. Steel wool is inexpensive, so be generous with yourself and replace it regularly. Your lungs will appreciate it!

    United States United States
    Why didn’t I think of that

    Steel wool to keep bangers in good shape, it’s perfect. These are a new must have. Perfect for dedicated dabbers or anyone who loves to keep their pieces meticulously clean.