HiSi 23in Beaker Bong - Triple Geyser Perc

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$ 459.99 $ 459.99


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Scientific Beaker with Multiple Perks

Hi-Si offers scientific approaches to your smoking and vaporizing experience. By maximizing cooling capabilities and minimizing drag each piece delivers an ideal hit every time. Eliminate hot, dry rips from your life with a perfectly percolating work of art.

The Triple Geyser Beaker is a towering example of scientifically designed master worked pipes. ide of another and somehow connected them. You definitely need some lung power to fill each chamber and then inhale the massive hit that this glass bong will stack up for you. The geyser percs have tremendous filtration that will aggressively percolate your hit and smooth it out no matter how harsh it may look. Go ahead, cash the entire bowl in one hit, this bong can take it. This heavy piece takes a big lung to prime but once it gets rolling is smooth sailing.


  • Height: 23 in
  • Base width: 4.5 in
  • 5mm borosilicate glass
  • 19mm female ground joint
  • 19mm male bowl included
  • 3x Geyser percs
  • Ice-catch