Blackbird Incense Tin - Tilde

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Incense With Complex Natural Ingredients

BLACKBIRD is all about sophisticated scents that pair with your lifestyle. They have made natural and complex scents since 2004 and are experts at conveying a mood and style with their modern and bold incense.

TILDE has it all with the most ingredients of any other fragrance. You'll notice subtle traces of several pleasing scents such as geranium, cedarwood, sage, and patchouli. It's the most traditional smelling incense of the bunch, but also one of the most robust.


  • 20+ cones per tin
  • Burns for approximately 20 minutes
  • Scent lasts 2-4 hours
  • Lid may act as incense burner
  • Reusable packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington

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